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Jurnal Teknologi, Volume 5, Number 2 (2012)


Antropometri, Disain, Ergonomic, Locker


The design was results of cultivation creativity (man-made object) humankind that was realised to satisfy the requirement for humankind, needed planning, planning and the development of the design (the re-design), that is starting from when the stage dug up the idea or the idea, it was continued with the development stage, the concept of planning, and the production of the prototype.
One of the products that could satisfy the requirement for humankind in the campus was Locker the lecturer who had a function of keeping the thing that could support the studying activity taught, contained things that were connected with lectures material and the depositing of the tasks from the student
The design locker beforehand was used for all the lecturer did not have storage facilities of lectures material and the depositing of the task of the adequate student. In this research used the data antropometri with the aim of looking for product compatibility with humankind that wore him. Respectively locker had two facilities that functioned as the depositing of the task of the student and the storage of material of the lecturer's lectures, to wide respectively locker was 30cm with the thickness 45 cm and high 50 cm, so that the security of lectures material continued to be awakened then the depositing of the task of the student was put through the window that was made to the door locker with the long dimension 25 cm and wide 2.5 cm. The dimension of the appointment odner was made coil to pengoptimalan space high 39 cm Ø 70 cm. The highest part the appointment odner the height 32 cm. The appointment of the report on the student was made dibagian low, around locker respectively the height 30 cm in a wide manner 94 cm. then high the whole 160 cm, wide 45 cm and long 235 cm.
The use of the wheel to the foundation locker functioned so that more practical in the transfer locker. From design planning locker this, then was counted the production cost of the production locker of Rp. 4,695,000.-
With locker available then lectures material and the depositing of the task of the student, odner as well as the report on the task of the student was more neat and safe.

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