Ipsec: Sebagai Salah Satu Aplikasi Teknik Kriptografi/Keamaanan Data pada Jaringan Komputer

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Ign. Suraya


Teknologi, Volume 4, Number 1 (2011)


computer network security, cryptography technique, IPSec, TCP/IP


Data security on a computer network is essential, especially data that is confidential. Currently there are several alternative methods for data security on the network such as by encrypting data before it is sent, using digital signatures, installing a firewall so that no intruder from the outside that can get into the internal computer networks and others. Some of the solutions above can be used to improve security, but there are also weaknesses, such as the use of firewalls to prevent intruders from outside, but the intrusion cannot be prevented if data is intercepted by a person residing in the network itself. Cryptographic techniques are implemented on the communication protocol IPSec to get the security aspect. IPSec is a set of communications protocols that implement several cryptographic techniques to ensure security in communication through computer networks. One of solutions to improve data security in computer networks with TCP / IP is using IPSec. IPSec works by encrypting the data before it is sent automatically without the intervention of the sender. By using IPSec, so if data has been intercepted by a third party, the data is already encrypted so it is difficult to know the original data. IPSec is not a perfect communication protocols, but until now, the IPsec security protocol is still regarded as the best compared to other IP security protocols. And more important is the ease of implementation on a system, so that it can make computer users to think again of the importance of data security in a system.

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