Analisis Efisiensi, Skala dan Elastisitas Produksi dengan Pendekatan Cobb-Douglas dan Multiple Regression

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Journal Article


Teknologi, Volume 4, Number 1 (2011)


Cobb-Douglas, efficiency, elasticity, multiple regression, return to scale


Generally, productivity is interpreted as relation between input and output, that is the comparison between input and the result or output. The measurement of productivity is one of the major indicator in assessing compete ability in a company. PT Taman Batu Alam is a natural stone company, that in its growth always cope to increases the productivity by doing repairmen in production.
The measurement and performance analyze of transform process are done by using multiple regression analysis. This model selection is based on the form that simple and easy to comprehended. Directly it can depict the size measurement of performance that is the index of efficiency and production function in which can show elasticity of input usage that be used to produces the output.
From the calculation result, its gotten that proportion input in which having effects to production process is efficiency index for the year of 2007 is 5.57 and for the year of 2008 is 1094,44. Result of return to scale in 2007 increasing and in 2008 decreasing. The usage of input elasticity: for the year of 2007 the usage of raw material is 0.39, the usage of labour is 0.22 and the expense of overhead is 0,42. While for the year of 2008 the usage of raw material is 0.39, the usage of labour is 0.165 and the expense of overhead is 0,237.

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