Analisis Efektifitas Siap-PSB Online dan Kinerja Panitia terhadap Kepuasan User di Wilayah Dinas Pendidikan Kota Yogyakarta

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Journal Article


Teknologi, Volume 4, Number 1 (2011)


claster random sampling, correlation, probability sampling, regression and user satisfaction, SIAP-PSB online


User satisfaction is very important to know the good service from the system that used service or service personnel (performance), other than that as a reference for the improvement and development of SIAP-PSB Online and the performance of existing ones. Observation method used is descriptive method, whereas the approach used is a quantitative approach, because it aims to test the hypothesis, the measurement process, the clarity of variables, based on the operational variables and the data analyzed by statistical tests to determine the correlation between the effectiveness of variable SIAP-PSB Online, performance committees and user satisfaction.
The population of the observation is SIAP-PSB Online users area Education Office of Yogyakarta city. Total sample of 386 respondents, calculated using the formula of Taro Yamane or Slovin with claster probability sampling and random sampling method, where the determination of the number of samples obtained by determining the zone / region to spread the questionnaire. The legality or validity of the results of the study was determined by measuring tool used to overcome this required testing validity and reliability. Methods of data analysis using correlation techniques, simple linear regression and multiple linear regression.
The conclusion from this observation is a significant correlation between the effectiveness of SIAP-PSB Online with the user satisfaction, have a significant relationship between performance and user satisfaction of the committee to jointly have a significant relationship between the effectiveness of SIAP-PSB Online and the performance of the committee with user satisfaction.

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